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12th Apr 2010 1 Comment

How to use this Blog & the Rules

This Blog is for Pets Australia Members Only.

Let’s respect each other… This blog is monitored and updated regularly. While we encourage free speech we also ask you to keep in mind that no defamation, bad language or inappropriate comments will be allowed and Pets Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to delete or hide a post that doesn’t abide to the rules (more…)

10th Feb 2017

Model Rules for the Use Of Pets in Advertising

Following significant complaints from members about the use of animals (more…)

9th Feb 2017

Cat Panleukopaenia Epidemic – Vaccinate Now!

The following news release from University of Sydney highlights a (more…)

7th Feb 2017

Does the Boarding Sector Need More Regulation? Or Just Better Enforcement?

Another industry group is screaming for compulsory registration of Boarding (more…)

30th Jan 2017

How You Smile Drives New Business – Or Not!

Professional or Warm? Your Smile Can Change Perceptions Of Your (more…)

30th Jan 2017

New Scams include Secure Websites and Capcha!

In a warning to all businesses in the pet industry,  (more…)
22nd Dec 2016

Parvovirus Outbreaks Across Australia!

Pet Businesses! Do 3 things to counter increased Parvovirus across (more…)

19th Dec 2016 1 Comment

Five Ways To Help Your Grieving Clients- Positively

Most of us cry when our client loses the pet (more…)

28th Nov 2016

Changes to Contract Law May Benefit Pet Businesses

New laws designed to protect small businesses from falling victim (more…)

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