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Education & Certification In The Australian Pet Industry

Pets Australia has access to great education courses for everyone who wants to work in the Australian pet industry! These courses are ongoing, for “on one off” courses & seminars start dates can be found by CLICKING HERE

For more information including prices, email petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org or Ph:02 8214 8653 (BH)

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Retail, Boarding, Grooming, Pet Services – National – Great Client Service

This is a great little in-service course that increases profits, brings teams together, and inproves your relationship with all your clients, with a special section on difficult clients. It’s a relaxed and fun 3-4 hour course, run at a time to suit you, covering everything from how your reactions affect your clients, through to how to take a complaint through the legal system.

CLICK HERE for more information or email petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org . You can also call 02 8214 8653 in business hours (all states).


UNIQUE! Pets Australia Pet First Aid Course For Members, Non Members, Clients and the Public

Virtually mandatory for all pet businesses and increasingly for pet owners, this course runs regularly in 5 states and includes the latest in emergency treatment from the annals of veterinary medicine worldside. For information click on the headline above, and start dates can be found HERE. For more information and to book courses contact the office by emailing petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org or phoning 02 8214 8653 (business hours, all states).


Grooming Dog & Cat Starter Course National – Grooming Technician

The ‘first level’ of training for work in the Australian grooming industry, the Grooming Technician course produces a competent bather/brusher or mobile hydrobath operator, & is also suitable for groomers currently in the industry to update their skills & commence their studies for licensing. The course is delivered by contracted & highly experienced trainers in all states, at times determined by demand. Most course are under $1999 and can be completed in around a week of intensive practical training, giving you a good taster course for further training in the industry. It’s a MUST for beginners!

CLICK HERE or on the headline for more information, or contact petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org . You can also phone 02 8214 8653 (business hours, all states) for more information.


Dog Groomer Training Qld/National – Pet Stylist AcademyAnimalMagic Academy

This Registered Training Organisation trainer is based on the gorgeous Gold Coast of Qld & offers flexible training at all levels including Cert III Pet Groomer, Cert IV Pet Stylist & Grooming Technician courses. It’s trained by Certified Master Groomer Emily Myatt, & includes theory & practical training at the speed & intensity YOU need to get a great result. Pet Stylist Academy also offers the Pets Australia Pet First Aid Course.

A significant benefit to students is that if they undertake Grooming Technician training they are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning for their Cert III, which reduces their fees and workload if they decide to upgrade their skills later.

For more information contact Emily or Brenton at the Pet Stylist Academy on 07 5530 3599 or email at a_magic1@bigpond.net.au . To see the wide range of courses available, including on-site accommodation, please CLICK HERE


Dog Trainer Qualifications Victoria – Australian Dog Trainers Academy

Becoming a dog trainer is a rewarding career; becoming a dog trainer in a facility that also trains service/assistance dogs is a rare pleasure indeed! The Austrlaian Dog Trainers Academy is a quality training facility fully up to date with national accredited courses. In addition they are the only training facility in Australia to teach people how to properly run puppy classes, and training is in a fun and stimulating environment

CLICK HERE or on the headline above for more information, or go to the website http://www.dogtrainersacademy.com.au . You can also call Hans on 0419 340 325 or email info@dogtrainersacademy.com.au


Canine & Equine Myofunctional Therapy – NCTM – Most States

As a Value Added Service for Boarding, Retail, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking or Grooming, or as a practice all on it’s own Dog massage will delight your clients, calm their pets and improve your business.

The National College of Traditional Medicines is a quality course provider in three states, with qualified teaching and good student support to produce an effective practitioner and not just a graduate. Students can study at their own pace, with all course materials provided.

CLICK HERE or on the headline above for more information, or go to the website HERE , or contact the College on Freecall 03 9312 5573 or email mail@nctm.com.au


Boarding, Retail, Grooming, Vet Nursing NSW – Animal Care & Management – TAFE WSI Richmond

TAFE WSI offers Cert II and Cert II in Animal Care and Management, Cert III in Pet Grooming and Cert IV in Pet Styling with flexible learning options and low fees. Located in Richmond, NSW the TAFE uses teachers drawn from industry to make the courses ‘real’ & relevant, & graduates are qualified to enter many different sections of the pet industry

CLICK HERE or on the headline above for more information or visit their website HERE . You can also phone the TAFE on 131 870 or email via the form HERE

TAFE also holds a range of seminars and short courses, which are advertised on this site HERE


Grooming Technician, Cert III in Pet Grooming & Cert IV in Pet Styling – NSW pet design1

An award-winning and highly successful commercial salon has teamed up with a pet stylist to offer nationally recognised qualifications in Pet Grooming and Pet Styling! Conveniently located in Manly NSW (with good accommodation close by) you can be trained by Japanese Master groomers, and focus on the development of both speed and accuracy. Courses Commence in 2015, email pets@groomer.com.au for more details.

Pet Design also regularly holds Pet First Aid Courses, CLICK HERE to see course dates.


ISBT – Bowen Therapy – Hands On Therapy for Dogs & Horses ISBT

ISBT-Bowen Therapy (Canine or Equine) is a stand-alone manual therapy or it can be very successfully incorporated with many other modalities.

The International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT) Directors Lisa Black and Col Murray developed ISBT-Bowen Therapy based on the principles and practices of their researched understanding of the work of Australian bodywork genius Tom Bowen (1916-82). Based in Victoria, their courses are marketed in many countries, and their short courses for dogs and horses can be found HERE

For more information on the International School of Bowen Therapy CLICK HERE


Animal Behaviour, Pet Care, Animal Health, Aquarium Management, Dog & Cat Training/Behaviour & MORELearningCloud

A GREAT SUITE of Pet Industry Courses To Improve Your Professionalism!

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Learning Cloud provides a significant suite of Pet Industry Courses to educate, inform, train and help develop skills. If your future is in the pet industry, these courses are a great place to start!

Choose your course from this list below, and CLICK ON THE LINKS for course information.

Animal Behaviour – explore different theories and models of animal behaviour and particular characteristics of different groups of animals.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Animal Care – begin your studies by understanding the needs of animals CLICK HERE for more information

Animal Health Care -designed to help you understand animal health care and basic veterinary procedures CLICK HERE for more information

Aquarium Management – keep your own fish well, or work towards a pet industry job in pet retail! CLICK HERE for more information

Cat Psychology & Training – Understand a cat, train a cat, become a cat trainer, cat behaviour course CLICK HERE for more information

Companion Animal Studies – animal health care, & develop business and management skills, for pet industry careers CLICK HERE for more information

Dog Care – provide effective care for dogs as a dog owner or pet industry professional CLICK HERE for more information

Dog Psychology & Training – understand dogs and teach good behaviour habits for a dogs life. CLICK HERE for more information

Pet Care – sound introduction on caring for a wide variety of different pets CLICK HERE for more information

Pet Sitting – work to master the essentials of running a cat and dog sitting business CLICK HERE For more information

Veterinary Assistant (I) – prepare for work in veterinary hospitals CLICK HERE for more information

Veterinary Assistant (II) Canine Reproduction– definitive guide to the principles of sound dog breeding CLICK HERE for more information

Veterinary Assistant (III) – Practical Skills – the practical skills you’ll need for veterinary assistants or educated pet owners CLICK HERE for more information

Zoo Keeping – foundation knowledge & skills to start your career in captive animal management CLICK HERE for more information


Professional Licensing for Groomers

There’s a new reality: an industry that doesn’t organise itself runs the risk that the government will intervene, not necessarily to the advantage of the industry. Professional Licensing is a wide ranging AUDIT of your competency in all aspects of pet grooming, including your ability to produce competent professional pet grooms in a commercial time period. It’s wider ranging than CMG, more commercial that breed clips and includes OHS. The frame-able License is current for 5 years and you do not have to be a member of Pets Australia to apply.

For more information, to sign on or to arrange an audit email petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org or call 02 8214 8653 in business hours (all states).


New Employee Induction

This handy checklist allows employers to go through key items they need to get new employees inducted properly, helps them keep proper records and gives the new employee a sense of confidence knowing their boss is up to date and professional.

For more information, CLICK HERE


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