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Buying a pet – where, how and what to look for

Most sites tell you what breed of pet to get, or how to care for your pets.

Passionate Pet Owner members of Pets Australia get a new service – how to choose what pet is best for them (perhaps a cat? Reptile?) , then how to choose the right individual from that pet group to suit their lifestyle.

The “buying a pet’ series includes things to consider before you select a breed, like lifestyle, activity levels, coat type, the right source of pet. There is also a blog so Passionate Pet Owner members can talk to each other about their experiences, share their thoughts with a vet, and give each other handy hints.

Buying a pet is easy – if you know how, and are committed to responsible pet ownership.

If you ARE commited to excellent pet ownership, becoming a “Passionate Pet Owner” member of Pets Australia is easy.

Just CLICK HERE to join like minded pet owners who support pet ownership and excellent pet businesses.


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