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Meet the Key Faces at Pets Australia

Advisory Board

Pets Australia’s voluntary Advisory Board members have been chosen for their passion, their commitment to the Mission of Pets Australia and their willingness to drive the organisation forward for the members.

Lyn Johannessen – NSW Animal Rescue  – Sensible, science based charity small dog rescue service, Lyn is incredibly well networked into rescues, animal welfare and pet trends nationally, thought leader on activism in the pet sector. A natural marketer, Lyn has developed NSWAR into a leader in placement, specialising in “special needs” pets which puts her in contact with the very worst that per ownership has to offer. See http://www.nswar.org.au/ for more information or contact admin@nswar.org.au .



Jenny Kent – Pet Design – entrepreneurial commercial dog and cat grooming operations and thought leader on validation and development of competencies “after graduation”. Involved in developing overseas work visas for the pet grooming industy, Jenny has also developed standard procedures to ensure the commercial viabilty of her grooming salons. See http://www.groomer.com.au/ for more information or contact petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org .



Hans Van Heesbeen – Australian Dog Trainers Academy – A dog trainer and trainer of people since 2002, operates K9Coach Pty Ltd specialising in dog behaviour problems. Hans Co-founded the Australian DogTrainers Academy, which trains the dog trainers, incl. nationally recognised training courses.  Hans is passionate about training and sharing knowledge and skills with others which coupled with his love of dogs helps to contribute towards industry development and continuous improvement. See http://www.dogtrainersacademy.com.au/ or contact courses@dogtrainersacademy.com.au


The Managing Director: Dr Joanne Sillince BVSc(Hons) MBA FAICD has been chosen to lead the operational aspects of Pets Australia. She has been chosen because:

– she is a veterinary scientist, so she keeps up to date with animal welfare and animal businesses, networks widely with the “animal community” of scientists and veterinarians, and has good past experience in communicating animal issues to general audiences;

– she is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of  Company Directors, so she knows and keeps up to date with changes to governance laws;

– she is trained in Business, and has significant experience in member based companies as well as having owned her own small businesses, so she understands the pressures on businesses and is keen to provide services that have relevance and meaning.

“Dr Jo” can be contacted at petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org

Do you have what it takes to be an Advisory Board member? Can you network in your sector, attract members and act as an ambassador for Pets Australia? Let us know at petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org


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