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Code of Practice – Code of Honour


Proud Pets Australia members adhere to a Code of Practice,

A Code Of Honour that defines them as Passionate Pet People.

1. I believe that every pet has value

Value as a living creature

Value to society, encouraging nurture, caring, love, community and responsibility

Value to owners as companions, friends and protectors of health

Therefore I will protect and nurture the pets in my care and in my community. I will provide for their food, water, shelter, veterinary care and behavioural needs to my utmost ability. I will care for their welfare & help others to care for the welfare of pets.  I will encourage and promote quality pet ownership. I will promote pets as a valuable part of society. I will encourage training, education and thoughtfulness and discourage impulse actions.

2. I believe in continuous improvement in everything I do, including the care and welfare of my pets, my pet business and the pets in my community.

I will accept advice and feedback, and will strive to improve. I will carefully communicate balanced views and will listen carefully to balanced views. I will seek education to broaden my perspective. I will not denigrate other persons or businesses. I will strive to be as good as I can be as a pet owner, pet business or pet professional.


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3. I believe in education as a gift that allows us to continually improve and grow.

I will actively seek ongoing education through seminars, reading, courses, networking and other means.  I will strive to incorporate learning into all that I do and will maintain a balanced view based on demonstrated science. I will provide my clients, colleagues and friends with access to quality pet education as far as I can. I will apply this education to my pet care practices.

4. I believe in upholding the law and supporting those who maintain the law.

Therefore I will make myself aware of, and obey, the letter and the spirit of all laws, regulations and regulatory Codes that are relevant to my pet or pet business. I will offer my perspective in policy discussions, will advocate my views and offer my expertise on issues important to pets. I will cooperate willingly with any legitimate regulatory body.

Thanks, Jo

5. I believe in the power of people as advocates for pets

Therefore I will respect those who support pets and pet ownership and will treat all with integrity and dignity. I will share my knowledge. I will promote pet ownership and deny those who seek to remove or diminish pet ownership. I will support or promote programs that genuinely improve the lives of pets and society and actively deny those which would not.



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