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How to find a boarding facility for your pet

Finding a good boarding facility for your pet is a matter of matching good hygiene and good management of the facility, with the culture of management and fit that matches yours as closely as possible.

But how do you find the one for you? Fancy webpages or flash new premises don’t automatically make for a happy holiday for your best friend. Older premises often “make up” for their lack of flash facilities with excellent care and attention.

A guidance note or checklist can highlight some of the things in state Codes of Practice and highlights “best practice” but it can’t assess that cultural issue – some people call it “gut feeling”. Only you, the person who most loves your pet, can assess this.

Before you go on holiday, you will have to decide which is best for your and your pet – in home boarding, pet minding, or boarding in an established boarding facility. (see separate note on this topic)

If you’ve made the decision to use an established boarding facility, this guide note will give you really good tips on how to make sure you pet has the best holiday while you have yours. You can even take a copy of this note with you when you go, to discuss it with the boarding facility.

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