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Caring For My Rabbit

Rabbits are engaging pets that need special care. They are not hard to own, but are not “starter pets” and are generally not suitable for small children

What is a rabbit?

Rabbits are burrowing animals of the genus Leporidae with long ears and a short tail. They are not related to Guinea Pigs, rats or mice, but share some common habits – including the fact that Bunny’s teeth to continue to grow for the whole lifetime. Rabbits can have a long life span  – up to 10 years, with an average life span of at least 6 years.

Note that Rabbits are generally common pets in Australia, but the death rate is relatively high and most Bunnies don’t live to anywhere near their average lifespan. There is a strong association between owners who learn about their pet’s needs and a longer lifespan (and lower veterinary bills!)

NOTE : It is not legal to keep rabbits as pets in Qld. Qld has laws to keep all rabbits out of the state, both pet and feral (via the rabbit proof fence). Only problem is that nobody seems to have told the rabbits, so feral rabbits are common.

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