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Passionate Pet Owners Member Services

Passionate Pet Owners who become members of Pets Australia also become eligible for a variety of member services.

These include:

– Pets Australia membership card with password which gives you access to all the Passionate Pet Owner Sections of the site, as well as being able to show your card to participating outlets to receive your member benefits

– password access to all Passionate Pet Owner sections of the Pets Australia website (including the Big issues, pet care sheets and handouts)

– access “member only” deals from Pet Business members of Pets Australia – with new deals coming on all the time!

– access to the “members only” forum, where you can discuss your views on pet issues with other members

– access to “members only” blogs, where you can comment on legislation, Codes of Practice and new Pets Australia initiatives and have your comments listened to by the Pets Australia team, to help develop policy on pet issues.

– as a member, you can participate in surveys and focus groups carried out by Pets Australia business members

– As a member, you can suggest new handouts, education packages, services and promotions to Pets Australia to add even more value for members

– direct access to Pets Australia staff to help you use and access these services.

SPECIAL “INDIVIDUAL” DEALS FOR PET OWNER MEMBERS: Many of the members of Pets Australia are pet businesses that want your business! CALL US with your needs (and your membership number) and we will network you to the best pet businesses in the business – and we will always try to negotiate the best deal for you and your pet!

Pet Food: Special deals are available for bulk and small orders of dog & cat food through our Pet Business members. Contact the office at petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org with your needs (dog/cat, and quantity required) and we will either network you through to the providers or provide you with a quote. NOTE in accordance with Pets Australia policy, we will ONLY recommend foods that meet the ARCO standard as a minimum.

Discounted Microchipping for NSW members! NSW Animal Rescue is offering a new service: Microchipping of cats and dogs for just $20. Normally $30 each, or $25 for litters of 4 or more, NSWAR is extending this special deal just for Pets Australia members.

NSW Animal Rescue is a “special needs” rescue and adoption service for small dogs, and is a registered charity that can accept tax-deductible donations. They bring “back to life” those dogs that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. NSWAR is offering 5% off adoption fees to suitable owners. You must show your Pets Australia membership card at the time of adoption to receive this offer. Take a look at www.nswar.org.au and marvel over the dogs that are saved by NSW Animal Rescue!

Gosford Grooming is offering a free toothbrushing and coat conditioning treatment with a haircut for Pets Australia members’ pets. Charmaine is a Certified Master Groomer with huge experience and a great team of groomers working with her. Gosford Grooming  is on the Central Coast of NSW. [Content protected for Passionate Pet Owner members only]

Grooming Technician Course This is a basic training system to develop a good employee, this course can be taken as a theory-only course or as a combined theory/practical course.  This course is designed to produce a competent Grooming Technician (also called a bather/brusher), and includes:

– how to be a good employee, phone, admission, form filling, uniforms, presentation

– OHS and other employee responsibilities in the workplace, hygienic work practices, zoonoses, safe handling

– basic coat types, dog & cat breeds, animal “language”, safety around animals

– ears, eyes, nails, glands and general workup before the bath

– bathing, drying and brushing, preparing a coat for professional styling

This is a great “entry level” course of study for Boarding attendants, grooming assistants and hydrobath operators – or those who want to be. This course will fit you for work in a salon or kennel, and set the groundwork for further study.

Course cost depends on the method of study, but can be as little as $490, including your year’s membership to Pets Australia (GST incl) and includes registration, study guide, mentor throughout the study period, examinations, marking, certificate production. A number of Pets Australia grooming members are also offering the course as a weekend “in house, hands on” seminar for additional cost, which gets you a specially annotated Certificate of Achievement and really top networking and training by those who really “know how to do it”.

For more information or to sign up contact petsaustralia@petsaustralia and quote “GROOMING TECHNICIAN” in the subject line.

GROOMING COURSES: Pets Australia business members include some of the very best pet grooming course providers in Australia! Email petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org with your state and we will personally connect you with excellent training providers from junior level through to breed standard/Masters level. These include the very best of government courses, private colleges and one-on-one training in your salon.


Pets Australia is pleased to offer a new service for pet owner members. We know that you are involved in dog & cat clubs and in sporting activities; that you put on pet events and support charities. Now with the help of a special printer we can offer you the hottest deals on printing in town – for flyers, brochures, forms, handouts and books.    CLICK HERE for more details on this special deal for you!………  


Refer a friend to Pets Australia. If they join you get $5 off your next renewal. Just make sure they include your name on their membership form, so we know to give you the $ off! Just a little “thank you” from Pets Australia for your support!

New services are being added all the time to keep checking this section as we develop! CLICK HERE to join Pets Australia as a Passionate Pet Owner!


If you are a member of Pets Australia, get your pet businesses to join and offer great discounts. Then you not only get a discount on your renewal but you also get a great deal from your favourite businesses, and they get great services that help them be a better business.


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