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NEW! Pet Industry Business Insurance Deal for MEMBERS ONLY!

The best rates around? Service? Special conditions specific to the pet industry JUST for your business? Monthly payments with a SPECIAL surprise for members? Special discounts just for Pets Australia members?  YES!

Packages for Pet Stores, Boarding Kennels, Grooming Salons, MOBILE Groomers, Pet Minders, Pet Sitters, Pet Walkers and just about any other pet business you could imagine? YES!

Our industry partners have developed a unique and exclusive Insurance Package for the Pet Industry to take the hassle out of insurance and gives Pets Australia members the peace of mind that an insurance policy should provide. JOIN NOW to access this and other member deals and benefits!File:Redcanyonfirenight.jpeg

With Public Liability and Products Cover from as little as [Content protected for Pet Industry Business members only] for a whopping $10Million cover, it’s well worth getting a quote today.

Pet Occupations:   

  •  Mobile Pet Groomers (including trailer cover!) /Walkers /Minders/Sitters
  • Retail  Pet Suppliers/Grooming Salons/Shops
  • Cat/Dog Boarding/ Aquarium Shops
  • Other Pet Businesses as well! These are quoted on an individual basis because you are rare and special, just fill in the form and get your quote immediately.

Policies That Cover                

  • Public Liability (includes pets in care/custody/control) up to $100,000 per Pet
  • Full Retail Business Pack (Buspak) policy
  • Personal Accident cover
  • Animals in Transit
  • Trailer /Motor Vehicle/Household

[Content protected for Pet Industry Business members only]

RSPCAQ Floods2011-4  Do I Have To Be A Pets Australia Member?

You won’t get the special discount if you aren’t! BUT you have to be FINANCIAL to get the special deals, so just make sure your membership is paid up to date.

Why do I need Insurance?

Because one lawsuit can put you out of business. Because flood or fire could put you out of business. Because the simplest accident – a cut finger – could get infected and make you unable to work for months. If you are self employed your need for insurance is even more important.  Rare probabilities happen every day, it’s just a matter of statistics.

What Type Of  Cover Do I Need?carcrash

Your insurances will depend on your business, but EVERY pet business needs: [Content protected for Pet Industry Business members only]

JOIN NOW or LOG IN to see the great deal for Pets Australia member businesses.


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