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Pets Australia Pet Sector Business Strategies

Pets Australia is a modern industry group that doesn’t hide things. Members have complete control over the direction of Pets Australia, ability to comment on every submission, and ability to suggest new strategies and directions.

Thanks to Bajimbi Cattery for this Photo

As we grow, we will develop specific strategies for certain industry areas – usually where there is a key business opportunity for members. The fact that your sector doesn’t have it’s own special strategy does NOT mean that we are ignoring you!  It just means that the needs of that sector are so diverse we are attending to members needs individually.

The Business Strategy tells members where Pets Australia is “going” on particular topics. Members can join in and develop the business opportunity – but always focusing on our mantra of “IMPROVING PET OWNERSHIP, IMPROVING PET BUSINESSES”.

Coment NOW to petsaustralia@petsaustralia.ORG on the direction YOU want Pets Australia strategy to go!

Members can LOGIN NOW to see the strategies in detail, or if you are logged in, just click on the BLUE title that you wish to look at below:

Grooming Sector Strategy  2010 – 2025

Draft Professional Grooming Standards (linked to Grooming Sector Strategy)

Cats – Getting Them Back To Their Rightful Place as Lion of Pets

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