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Pets Australia REHOMING POLICY    

Australia’s most ethical industry rehoming scheme.

 Benefits of the rehoming policy:

– Pets from participating Pets Australia member pet shops or Pets Australia member accredited breeders will not end up euthanased or at shelters

– It is practical, and encourages and supports ethical pet businessesThanks Vicki for the photo!

– Customers will be able to tell which sellers of puppies & kittens are ‘doing the right thing’.

– The responsibility is on the pet store or breeder to rehome the pet. Unlike other industry schemes, the scheme does NOT impose the cost of the scheme onto Groomers, Walkers, Sitters, Boarding Kennels, Veterinarians and other pet businesses who have no input into pet sales. The scheme, and the responsibility, applies to puppy and kitten sellers only.

Thanks Brian for the photo! Unlike some other industry rehoming schemes, this scheme does NOT result in pets being dumped in a shelter for the rest of their lives

– The scheme provides an opportunity for people who cannot afford or who do not desire a young puppy or kitten, but would love to give a home to an adult pet.

– Provides key market signals directly to the seller of the pet, so they know if there are any breeds or crosses more likely to be surrendered, which they should avoid.

– Maintains a quality, responsibility based relationship between the customer, and the business who sells the puppy or kitten.  

– Sends a clear message that there are ethical puppy and kitten providers to customers, staff, landlords, other breeders, and shelters.

The only scheme in Australia that includes puppies AND kittens.Thanks David & James!

– Materials available at the point of sale ensure that customers are fully informed

Unlike some other industry rehoming schemes, there is no bureaucratic load placed on State regulators, no yellow stickers, no “third party” forced to discover traceability,  the pet shop or breeder are fully responsible for their actions

– Clear and simple communication to consumers means no confusion, no obfuscation, and no misinterpretation. It’s on one page, not a whole book.

Unlike some other industry rehoming schemes, does not actively encourage pets to be surrendered for rehoming just because they are old or ill.


To ensure that any pets bought from participating stores or breeders, if they can no longer be cared for, do not end up in shelters.

 To provide clear market signals to people selling puppies & kittens in order to ensure quality sales and breeding by pet suppliers by  Thanks James for the photo!ethical pet suppliers


How it Works

Pets Australia has developed an ethical industry rehoming scheme which makes the sellers of puppies & kittens responsible for the pets that they sell.

 Pets Australia member pet stores or member breeders participating in the scheme must commit that ALL puppies or kittens that they sell are subject to the scheme.

Clients are given clear instructions on how the scheme works at the point of sale. They do not need to ‘sign on’.

 As a participating Pets Australia member Pet Store, the store can rehome directly from their point of sale, or partner with their responsible and independently accredited AAPDB breeder suppliers to ensure that pets do not end up being left in shelters, possibly for the rest of their lives. 

 If they are a Pets Australia member Breeder, they can rehome directly from their point of sale, and they are encouraged to become an AAPDB accredited breeder via a constructive and relevant working partnership between the two organisations.

 Why this is the ethical alternative

Puppy dog Butt bum– The Pets Australia pet member commits to participate in the scheme for all puppies & kittens sold.

  • – This policy is on full view at the point of sale, so customers can clearly identify that the seller participates in the rehoming scheme
  • – Customers are given information on the scheme at the point of sale, which allows them to clearly understand their rights and responsibilities under the scheme.

– The scheme is voluntary (for the time being), which allows customers to support those sellers who lead the way in the ethical selling of puppies and kittens.

– The scheme is in excess of legislated warranties under consumer law and of Codes of Practice in all states.

– The onus is on the sellers of puppies and kittens to sell them ethically

– The scheme is currently voluntary, so there is no need for puppy or kitten providers to pretend they are participating in the scheme if they are currently unable to. It is envisages that as the scheme succeeds, more and more pet suppliers will join voluntarily for puppy and kitten sales.


For more information contact petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org, or talk to staff at your local pet store.


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