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Feeding Your Pet Rabbit  For A Long And Healthy Life.

 Owning a rabbit as a pet is increasing in Australia – even in Queensland, where it is illegal to own a rabbit as a pet! The third most popular pet in the USA, rabbits are increasingly “moving into the family room” and becoming part of the household rather than that lonely, isolated life they used to lead in a hutch in the back garden.

 Rabbits benefit from care, close contact and companionship, and feeding your bunny well will improve his lifespan, reduce your veterinary bills and make him a better pet.

 The Rabbit “Food Pyramid”

Just like us, there is a “Food Pyramid for rabbits” from “everyday foods” to “sometimes foods”. Too much calcium in the diet is a real problem in pet rabbits and can cause severe urinary tract problems, resulting in illness and even death.  Pet Shops sometimes sell Alfalfa (Lucerne) hay which can make the problem worse. Members can log in now for high quality dietary advice for your Rabbit. 

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