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Yearly vaccination of dogs and cats – Why all the Confusion?

It used to be easy – puppy and kitten vaccinations at 8, 12 and possibly 16 weeks and then a booster every year, right?

So what happened? Why all the confusion about vaccination?

What’s changed for vaccination of pets in Australia?

 Cat vaccination hasn’t changed. A yearly booster after the first course of vaccine is recommended, especially for Cat ‘Flu.

Dog vaccination for Canine Cough hasn’t changed. Most veterinarians recommend a yearly

booster after the initial course, and in really severe outbreaks even 6 monthly boosters might be necessary.

Dog vaccination for “the big three” (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus) has changed DEPENDING on the brand of vaccine. Some brands can give a booster period of up to three years.

But My Groomer/Boarding Kennel/Pet Sitter/Obedience Club is demanding a Certificate of Vaccination less than 12 months old!

Not surprising! Your pet industry business provider should be maintaining the highest possible standards of hygiene within their pet business. When they ask you for a recent Vaccination Certificate, they are simply looking after your pet. Whenever pets meet, there is a chance for disease to spread, and well vaccinated pets are the safest both to themselves and to other pets in that business.

There is an association between those pet industry businesses that set these high standards, and “best practice” in their main business. They don’t want to endanger your pet or their business.

So what do I do now?

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