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BSL = Breed Discrimination = BAD POLICY

This page provides all you need to know about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) – a bad policy directly contrary to proven science that is promoted by poorly briefed MP’s across Australia following hysterical media coverage. Some of this page is for Pets Australia members only, but everyone can get enough information to be properly informed on this issue.

“BSL” is a regulatory form of discrimination – the concept being that a dog can be killed because of the way it LOOKS, and regardless of how the dog behaves, the responsibility of the owner, or how old or energetic the dog is. It is Breed Discrimination. PitBull Pup

At this time Victoria has instituted Breed Discrimination Legislation  -if an inspector thinks that your dog looks like a “Pit Bull” (Not an ANKC identified breed) the dog can simply be taken and destroyed. There have been a number of court cases, most of which have favoured the dog owner, but many dogs have been destroyed or surrendered for destruction by shattered owners who cannot live with the stress of knowing their precious pet could be “declared” or destroyed by any inspector, at any time.


There is a significant number of published papers on BSL/Breed Discrimination and NOT ONE supports this as a policy that works in reducing dog bites.  NOT ONE pet industry group or pet industry association including the Australian Veterinary association supports BSL. Click on the link below to see a full discussion paper on the science behind BSL/Breed Discrimination, and the Pets Australia members policy on this issue. If you are not a member, JOIN HERE  if you are a pet business, and CLICK HERE if are a pet owner, to see all the info, get member deals, and be up to date with pet science.

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