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Client Handouts & Information

Add value to your client relationships by providing them with quality researched information in a friendly and professional way! Just use them at the time or sale to meet regulatory requirements, OR use them to encourage clients to buy without pressure, to educate and inform, or increase interest at trade days by proclaiming your membership and commitment to continuing improvement.

This section in three parts (click on the underlined section to access):

Pet Care Sheets – used primarily in pet retail and required in some Regulatory Codes of Practice, to be provided to clients at the sale of a pet, or if the client requests pet care information.

The Big Issues – deals with controversial issues that cause debate within the pet industry, and helps your clients think about “the big picture”.

– Client Information Sheets on a variety of diseases and issues that you can give to your clients to educate, inform, make your business look more professional and add value to your clients while not costing you one additional cent. Written by veterinarians and experts in their fields, you can show your clients how well connected you are while you inform them in a moderate, scientifically valid way. Just print them off and hand them out!



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