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Who We Are At Pets Australia

Thanks, Marlene, for the picture of your wild pet!

We are about YOU and PETS!

Whether you are a passionate pet owner or a pet industry business, we are here to provide help, assistance and information from a non-biased objective, with an emphasis on science, member comment and equity. Pets Australia is your resource for pet information, pet services and pet advice!

We ARE about:

  • protecting pet ownership from activists who are trying to ban people from owning pets
  • educating pet owners to care for their pets better
  • educating pet businesses so they continuously improve their pet welfare performance
  • providing pet businesses and Passionate Pet Owners with useful services that enhance their pet experience
  • working with government and welfare organisations to introduce only those laws and policies that will actually work, NOT those that are simply politically expedient
  • having fun with pets and pets having fun with us
  • reminding people of the privilege it is to have a pet
  • providing science, reasons, consultation with members, airing different views. We won’t refuse a member just because they have a view different to ours.

We are NOT about:

  • “banning” things, unless there is significant and meaningful scientific evidence. Evidence shows that “banning” things simply drives them underground.
  • supporting bad businesses or bad owners, regardless of whether they are members or not.
  • taking policy positions based on what “looks like it should be the case”. Only when you have data can you assess both the right policy positions and the “unintended consequences” of the policy.
  • being afraid. We are not afraid of activists, we are not afraid of being “politically incorrect”, we are not afraid of taking a different or alternative approach – because our aim is to get genuine results for pets and pet businesses.
  • wallpapering over key issues with simplistic “fix it” legislation or regulation that makes some people feel good but doesn’t actually fix anything.
  • acting on rumour or innuendo. We work on facts, balanced argument, and science.

Alice believes in pets..

Are you brave enough, honest enough and genuinely care for pets enough to support us? Then join us and get pet news, updates on current issues, and great member deals.


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