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Meet the Pets Australia Characters

Wondered where the great design for the Pets  Australia group came from? It came from our love of all pets  – regardless of species, so meet the team!


First, there’s Alice. She loves attention and likes to live near the centre of everything.  She loves the Todd River races,  red soil and the local swimming pool.


Then, there’s Woofa – he lives in the West and likes to run on Cottesloe beach into the setting sun.

He wishes he could chase Quokkas, loves travelling on the ute through Merredin and surfing at Margaret River.


Now, Nipper lives in the Great Australian Bite (Bight). South Australian by birth, he is the resident reptile, loving the dry country, but visiting the greener climates near Albany and Boolarra for a break when things get too hot. Nipper is a great fan of cool wine cellars, salt lakes and really good dried fruit near Hahndorf. It’s up to you to work out if he is a lizard or a snake!


Eavie lives in the East, and can’t work out whether she prefers NSW or Qld, so she chooses to live in both places equally. A sophisticated if designer feline, she hunts in Dubbo zoo, stalks sheep in Charleville and goes fishing for whales off Eden and Harvey Bay.


Finally but by no means leastly, there’s Tassie. A cute little lady with the star sign Aquarius, she likes to be surrounded by water. She is a lover of cool climate whites, has avoided the litter bins in Penguin, and really thinks that Orange Roughy is her best friend.


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