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MONDAY 16th, 23rd, 30th October 2017 – Advanced Reptile – Python, Lizard and Turtle Care (162-27628) – NSW


Course Profile
This course covers reptile husbandry at an advanced level, and includes python, lizard and turtle husbandry and handling.

Topics covered will include:

  • Taxonomy and species identification
  • Python, lizard and turtle husbandry
  • Python, lizard and turtle housing
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Clinical signs for reptile health
  • Legislation, licensing and record keeping
  • Snakebite first aid and treatment
  • Python, lizard and turtle handling, restraint and transport techniques

Python, lizard and turtle diet, nutrition and feeding (including breeding feeder rodents and insects)

WHERE: On the corner Blacktown Road and Campus Drive Richmond NSW. Look for signs that will direct you to your classroom in C Block.

COST:  $180

WHEN: Mondays 16, 23, 30 October 2017, 6pm – 9pm

PRE-REQUISITE: There are no academic pre-requisites.





SATURDAY 21st October 2017 – Natural Therapies for Animals – Herbal Medicine(162-27496)- NSW


Course Profile

Discover herbs and herbal medicine for animals. Learn how to identify herbs and how to make and apply herbal treatments to benefit your animals at home and in the animal care workplace.

This course is the pre-requisite to Advanced Herbal Medicine for Animals – Workshop (162-27643).

Topics covered will include:

  • The history of herbal medicine.
  • Properties of herbs, how they can be administered and how they affect the animal’s system.
  • Identification of weeds and herbs growing in the backyard that can be used in herbal medicine.
  • Make an herbal ointment and oil, an oatmeal rinse, and a lavender and wormwood spray at the workshop.

With qualifications from the National College of Traditional Medicine in Herbal Medicine, your lecturer will teach you how to keep your pets healthy – by keeping it natural.

WHERE: Richmond College, on the corner of Blacktown Road and Campus Drive, Richmond NSW. On arrival look for signs that will direct you to your classroom in K Block.

COST:  $165

WHEN:  One Saturday 21 October 2017 9.30am – 4pm

WHAT TO BRING: Students will need to bring covered shoes, an apron or smock top, 4 glass jars with screw lids, a small plastic spray bottle, and 6 sandwich-sized zip lock bags to be able to take home herbal products made at the workshop. Lunch is provided for this class as our canteen is not open on Saturdays.





Every 2nd SATURDAY from 21st October 2017 – 16th December 2017 – Equine Massage for your Horse (162-N50027)- NSW

Covering the basic concepts of diagnosis and treatment
of your horse through massage

This course is designed for students to learn the basic concepts of massage covering diagnosis and treatment for your horse. This course has many benefits for you the owner and your horse.

Participants must have good basic horse handling skills to enrol in this course Riding boots or work boots must be worn with appropriate clothing

WHERE: Richmond

COST:  $800

WHEN:  Every second Saturday 9am – 4pm from 21 October – 16 December 2017 (not including TAFE or school holidays)




SUNDAY 29th October 2017 – Basic Dog Grooming & Care(Home Groomingpet-design1 #101)- NSW

BRING YOUR OWN DOG (or practice on ours!) If you serious about pet ownership, or a possible career in pet grooming, you need to be at this course.  The Course is taught by a Salon owner & groomer, who works with grooming competition winners. It won’t make you a groomer, but it will get you started. See real experts in action while yoimg_8699u learn. Course includes: Certificate of Attendance, hard copy course notes, all training materials. It includes:

  • Getting an animal to sit or stand comfortably for grooming
  • Establishing a relationship so the animal trusts you to groom it
  • Dematting the professional way, with minimal damage to coat
  • Animal care techniques – cutting nails, combing, clipping sanitary areas
  • Bathing and drying techniques for animal comfort and safety

WHERE: Pet Design, 123 Pittwater Rd Manly NSW

COST:  $499 (GST included)

WHEN:  Sunday 29th October 2017 9.00am – 5pm  PLACES STRICTLY LIMITED, FIRST IN, BEST CLIPPED!




FRIDAY & SATURDAY, 3rd & 4th November 2017 – Microchip Implementation – NSW Identifier – TAFE NSW Statement of Attainment (563-10400)- NSW 

Become an authorised identifier of dogs and cats.
For NSW residents only

Are you a currently practicing vet nurse?
Ask about RPL

Course Description

This course provides you with the required training to conduct microchip implantation of dogs and cats in NSW. Successful completion of the course allows you to apply to the NSW Government’s Division of Local Government for authorisation as an Authorised Identifier

WHERE: Richmond

COST:  $330

WHEN: 2- day workshop Friday & Saturday, 9 AM – 4 PM from November 3 – 4 2017




SATURDAY Morning, 4th November 2017 – Introduction to Feline Behaviour – Seminar “What Do Cats Really Think?” (162-28480) – NSW


Course Profile

This seminar is designed to give you an introduction to the aspects of feline behaviour based on how a cat communicates, and the interpretations of body language for observing and interpreting behaviour. You will learn to understand the ways in which cats perceive the world, and be able to identify the way they communicate to us and each other.

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in cats or is working with cats. A must for vet nurses, cat owners, pet sitters or those considering a career in animal behaviour.

Topics covered:

  • Domestication
  • Cat breeds and behaviour
  • Feline senses and communication
  • Problem behaviours
  • Husbandry, handling and enrichment

WHERE: Richmond College, on the corner of Blacktown Road and Campus Drive, Richmond NSW.
Look for the signs that will direct you to your room in K Block.

COST:  $65

WHEN: Saturday Morning, 4 November 2017 9 – 12noon

PRE-REQUISITE: There are no pre-requisites for this course.



SATURDAY Afternoon, 4th November 2017 – Advanced Feline Behaviour – Seminar, “Feline Psychology” (162-28481) – NSW


Course Profile

This seminar is for those seeking an in-depth knowledge of cat behaviour and behavioural management. The course introduces you to the work of a ‘Feline Behaviourist’ and will show you how to observe and interpret feline behaviour.

Students will be shown techniques to use in assessing behaviour and modifying common problem behaviours. This course aims to provide highly technical and advanced information in a comprehensive way for people who don’t have a PhD!

People working with cats, or with an interest in behaviour, behavioural consultants and behaviour enthusiasts will all benefit from attending this course.

WHERE: Richmond College, on the corner of Blacktown Road and Campus Drive, Richmond NSW.
Look for the signs that will direct you to your room in K Block.

COST:  $65

WHEN: Saturday 4 November, 12.30 – 3.30pm

PRE-REQUISITE: It is strongly recommended that students attend the seminar “Introduction to Feline Behaviour – what are cats thinking?” prior to attending this seminar.



SATURDAY, 4th November 2017 – Dog Grooming – Introduction to Dog Care – Learn How To Professionally Groom Your Own Dog (162-22559) – NSW


Course Profile 

This course will give you the skills to groom your own dog. This will not only save you money, but will allow your dog to be groomed in the comfort and stress-free environment of its own home.

Learn how to:

  • Bathe and blow-dry your dog
  • Cut his toenails
  • Clip his coat
  • Maintain grooming gear
  • Restrain and handle your dog for grooming

(If you are interested in becoming a professional dog groomer or want to start your own grooming business – ask about our Professional Dog Grooming course.)

WHERE: RRichmond College, on the corner of Blacktown Road and Campus Drive, Richmond NSW.
Look for the signs that will direct you to O Block which is behind the main administrative building.

COST:  $275

WHEN: SOne Saturday 4 November 2017 9am–5pm

Requirements: TPlease bring your dog on a lead and also bring a towel to the class. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a removable smock or overshirt, and wear closed shoes. All equipment and products are provided, however if you already have clippers and blades you may bring those.
Lunch is provided for this Saturday class as the canteen is not open.



Monday 6th, 13th, 20th November 2017 – Advance Reptile – Venomous Snake & Crocodile Care (162-27627) – NSW


This course covers reptile husbandry at an advanced level. It includes venomous snakes (Elapids) and crocodile husbandry and handling.

  • Taxonomy and species identification
  • Venomous snake husbandry
  • Venomous snake housing
  • Venomous snake diet, nutrition and feeding
  • Venom and venom delivery systems
  • Crocodile care
  • Snakebite first aid and treatment
  • Venomous snake handling, restraint and transport techniques
  • Legislation, licensing and record keeping


COST:  $230

WHEN:  Three Monday evenings – 6, 13, 20 November 2017, 6-9pm

PRE-REQUISITE: Prerequisite is 162-27628 Advanced Reptile – Python, Lizard & Turtle Care, or equivalent.

*** Due to legal requirements students under the age of 18 will not be able to participate in activities involving venomous snakes. ***




FRIDAY & SATURDAY, 17th & 18th November 2017 – Natural Therapies for Animals – Advance Herbal Medicine(162-27643)- NSW



Course Description

Have you attended our one-day Herbal Medicine for Animals Workshop? This two-day advanced workshop is for students who are ready to increase their knowledge of how herbal medicine can benefit animals, and learn more advanced techniques in the preparation and application of herbal remedies.

With qualifications in herbal medicine from the National College of Traditional Medicine, your lecturer will teach you how to keep your pets healthy – by keeping it natural.

Topics covered include

  • properties and the use of medicinal herbs
  • signs of poor health in animals including a home health check for their pets
  • herbs specific to organs, systems and conditions
  • making of herbal preparations including contents for an animal first aid kit
  • herbal products for improving health and wellbeing
  • tinctures
  • an immune boost tonic, an injury spray, an ointment, an eye wash
  • stress drops, an herbal oil.

Course Requirements: Students will need to bring 

  • covered shoes
  • an apron or overshirt
  • 6 glass jars with screw lids
  • 2 small plastic spray bottles
  • an eyedropper bottle
  • and 6 sandwich sized zip lock bags to be able to take home preparations made at the workshop.


WHERE: Richmond

COST:  $295

WHEN:  One Friday and Saturday 9.30am – 4pm both days.



SUNDAY 19th November 2017 – Pet First Aid – NSW pet-design1

burnLearn the latest techniques for CPR, emergency wound management, Poisonings,and how to deal with disasters including heat stroke and bloat in this inte nsive one day practical course. Wide ranging and practical, this course includes what’s normal and what’s not, when to move really quickly and when to wait and observe. MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS of ACMGAS 2068 (please advise when booking that you wish to undertake formal assessment for this unit).     BRING YOUR OWN DOG (or meet ours) ! A MUST for pet owners and anyone in pet business.


WHERE: Pet Design, Rear 225 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove West

WHEN:  Sunday 19th November 2017

COST:  $169 (non members), $129 (members) (GST inc.) + $49 for assessment for ACMGAS 2068 as required.

CONTACT: Phone 02 8214 8653 or email Pets Australia at petsaustralia@petsaustralia with registration form.



SUNDAY 10th December 2017 – Big Day Out For Dogs – Vic

See 50 breeds showcased at club breed displays & demonstrations such as agility, obedience, carting & conformation.  Enjoy fun activities including popular lure coursing & tunneling, watch dogs enjoyed a lesson in dancing or having a go navigating the earthdog dens. Pamper your canine shop at the Canine Christmas Market boasting over 60 stalls of dog products & services.

WHERE: State Dog Centre, 655 Western Port Highway (Dandenong-Hastings Rd), Skye, Victoria 3977

WHEN:  Sunday 10th December 2017

COST: Generally free or low cost to enter, spending at stalls is up to you!
CONTACT: Keep watch at http://www.dogsvictoria.org.au/ for updates closer to the date.


 ENROLL ANYTIME! Care of Non Venomous Reptiles – NSW/Australia  


This 6 week, online, self paced course is designed for reptile enthusiasts, pet shop staff & reptile keepers wanting to learn all aspects of reptile identification & best practice husbandry techniques, responsible pet ownership & key housing standards. It focuses on commonly owned species & those that can be traded by a licenced NSW Fauna (Live Reptile) dealer & includes identification, behaviour, housing, husbandry , handling, health care feeding & record keeping. This course is also a pre-requisite for many other courses.

WHERE: Your liz - CROPHouse! (It’s an online course)

WHEN:  Anytime! Usually around 6 Weeks to Complete

COST:  $400  (GST inc.)

CONTACT: Enrol via course brochure or speak to Helen Bodill 02 4570 9033 or helen.bodill@tafensw.edu.au



 Commencement date by neg.- CERTIFICATE III in  PET GROOMING – NSW 


NATIONALLY RECOGNISED (No experience necessary)

Get qualified and start living your dreams with the Certificate III in Pet grooming at Puppoose Pet Boutique in beautiful Seaforth Sydney.

Your instructor, International Master Groomer and Australian Groom Team member Naomi will mentor you to success. Learn from an expert the fundamentals of this rewarding industry. Practical subjects include, client communication, dog & cat handling, bathing, drying techniques, pre- bath grooming, clipping, scissoring, styling, breed profile, pattern setting, coat types breed standards and more. Learning is tailored to your preferences and direction of career either, salon, home or mobile grooming. students will also complete online and theory subjects and preform practical assessments,.

Where: Puppoose Pet Boutique 48 Ethel street, Seaforth Sydney NSW

When: Enrolments available any time – students can start in 2015, just call for your date of choice

duration; 5 weeks full time, 8am-4pm weekdays.

Cost: $5399.00 (inc GST)

Contact: Naomi 0451 515 364 or Email: info@puppoose.com.au or http://www.puppoose.com.au/certificate-iii/


pet academy Logo small 2

pet design1Dates To Suit Your Needs! – Grooming Technician Course – Qld & NSW 

Pet Stylist Academy, a proud member of Pets Australia, has teamed with Pet Design in NSW to present the Grooming Technician course. Designed to produce a competent bather/brusher, this is a flexible course for grooming industry beginners OR those wanting to operate their own bathing/brushing business (eg mobile hydrobaths), OR grooming professionals who want to brush up on their knowledge.

You receive training on most aspects of basic salon operation: coat types, zoonoses, bathing, drying & brushing, anatomy, breeds, equipment, WHS, animal welfare, legal issues, client & complaint management, waste management, hygiene & sanitation, restraint & welfare, ears, eyes, nails & sanitary clipping, & more.   There is a course book packed with relevant & useful information, a mentor while you study, the chance to re-sit the exams if you need to, a Certificate of Achievement , & Post Nominal for your business cards & advertising .  Pet Stylist Academy offers networking to help you find your dream role after your course, AND this course also forms the basis of your studies for your Cert III.

WHEN: Each training centre has at least 2 dates each school term & depending on numbers, they can manage their start dates to suit YOU! Email Pet Stylist Academy or petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org for more information!

WHERE: 49 Cypress Dr Broadbeach Waters (Gold Coast)  Qld AND at Pet Design Manly 123 Pittwater Rd Manly NSW

COST: Email Emily at  info@petstylistacademy.com.au  for costs, which can include accommodation if you study in Qld. Holiday while you learn!

CONTACT: Contact Emily at info@petstylistacademy.com.au or 0423 037 252.  In NSW contact Jenny at pets@groomer.com.au or phone 0428 281 333.


pet academy Logo small 2

 pet design1Dates in 2017 –  Cert III in Dog Grooming – Qld & NSW

Dates by Negotiation: Email below for dates.


Become a Pet Groomer! Students concentrate on basic pet grooming of dogs &  cats (cats optional), including brushing, combing, clipping nails, cleaning ears, bathing, drying techniques, clippering & scissor finishing techniques as well as proper pattern setting for various breeds. Emphasis is placed on perfecting grooming skills while concentrating on proper breed profile, increasing speed & efficiency while developing maximum grooming potential. The bulk of this training program is spent practicing & perfecting skills with pets under the guidance of trainers in the Pet Stylist Academy  training room in Qld and the Pet Design training room in NSW.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Occupational Health & Safety; Animal Care within the Grooming Industry; Client Services with the Grooming Industry; Canine anatomy; Breed standards; Industry standard clips; Non industry standard clips; Matted dogs; Cross breeds; Breed trims; Clippers & blades; Blade lengths; Scissoring; Brushes/rakes/furminator/combs; Stripping knives; Equipment safety; Snap on combs; Pre-bath clipping & grooming; Clipping styles; Post-bath clipping & scissoring; Blending; Pattern lines, shapes, feathers & skirts; Grooming industry business planning; & managing a team.

WHERE: 49 Cypress Dr Broadbeach Waters (Gold Coast) , Qld AND 123 Pittwater Rd Manly NSW

WHEN:  Dates by negotiation, contact below for information

COST:  Approx $5,900.00 (GST inc.) to be confirmed at commencement – also depends on whether accommodation is required.

CONTACT: Email Emily at  info@petstylistacademy.com.au and note that accommodation can be included if you study in Qld! Holiday while you learn! For NSW courses, email Jenny at pets@groomer.com.au   .




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