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Caring For My Guinea Pig

What is a Guinea Pig?

A Guinea Pig is a small furry warm blooded mammal from the Species “Cavia”. It is rodent, like a rabbit, but much smaller and has no visible tail and tiny ears. They are not expensive to buy, but you need proper equipment to care for your pet properly. Guinea Pigs are common pets in Australia, but are often not cared for well and many die early from preventable problems. There is a strong association between owners who learn how to manage their pets and handle them properly and a long and healthy pet.

What kinds are there?

There are many kinds, of which two are generally found in Australia. The “American” has short smooth hair lying flat along the body, and the “Abyssinian” has longer coarse hair which lies in rosettes, swirls or whorls. Colours can be white, red, tan, brown, chocolate, and black, and some animals are multi-coloured.

Other kinds, including the Peruvian, Texel, Coronet and Silkie have long silky hair that needing lots of grooming, but these are not commonly seen as pets in Australia. facecommons

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