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I want to join Pets Australia, how do I do it?

As a proud business in the pet industry, Pets Australia knows you appreciate the value of having a strong group committed to YOUR welfare. Pets Australia can help with member deals that add value to your pet industry business, as well as driving industry policy and putting the truth in front of the activists and governments.

Pets Australia doesn’t hide our value. You can join below, right now and we will be back to you fast with all the goodies you need to make your membership real.

Our easy Pets Australia membership rates are FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE as a legitimate business expense if you are a pet industry business. That’s effectively a big discount on your membership fees!

Do this:

  1. Click here and read the Pets Australia Code of Practice – if you can genuinely commit to the Pets Australia Code then we really want you to join!If you can’t yet commit, then just come back to us as soon as you can. We at Pets Australia know you will do it, it’s just a continuous improvement thing, isn’t it?
  2. Now, choose the appropriate button to the right – if you want to pay by cheque / money order / direct deposit you can print your form now and send it in, or click pay by credit card and receive instant access to membership!
  3. Now send through your payment. We use a secure payment system so you can pay us online without worry, but if you prefer you can send a cheque or money order, or just Direct Bank deposit to Pets Australia. All the details are on the membership form.  REMEMBER to identify yourself on the payment details so we can serve you immediately!


Once your payment has been received and processed, Pets Australia will contact you with all the goodies you need to really get value from your Pets Australia membership.

Pay by Credit Card
Pay by cheque, money order or direct deposit
How much is membership

A couple of extra things you should know (the usual legal fine print):

  1. Pets Australia is committed to serving its members, but may refuse membership, or renewal of membership to any person or business without giving a reason and without any suggestion that your business is not at a suitable standard.
  2. Membership is annual and non-renewal may result in loss of privileges, benefits and other services.
  3. We encourage you to advertise your membership of Pets Australia with pride. But if you do not renew your Pets Australia membership annually your advertising may misrepresent your status, which is important to customers and governments. In this case Pets Australia will have no choice but to take action even if it doesn’t necessarily want to. Please advertise legally.
  4. Pets Australia will take all reasonable care in its dealings with you, but Pets Australia advices are of a general nature you should still take your own advice on the things that are legal or important to you. Pets Australia is not responsible for the actions of its service providers and agents, but if you have a complaint with them please let us know.


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