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Cat Panleukopaenia Epidemic – Vaccinate Now!

9th Feb 2017

The following news release from University of Sydney highlights a (more…)

Does the Boarding Sector Need More Regulation? Or Just Better Enforcement?

7th Feb 2017

Another industry group is screaming for compulsory registration of Boarding (more…)

New Scams include Secure Websites and Capcha!

30th Jan 2017
In a warning to all businesses in the pet industry,  (more…)

Parvovirus Outbreaks Across Australia!

22nd Dec 2016

Pet Businesses! Do 3 things to counter increased Parvovirus across (more…)

Changes to Contract Law May Benefit Pet Businesses

28th Nov 2016

New laws designed to protect small businesses from falling victim (more…)

Cats: Pancreatitis On The Increase

25th Oct 2016

Pancreatitis was once thought to be rare in cats, but (more…)


22nd Jul 2016

We have been approached by Purebred and Hybrid breeders alike (more…)

The Good And The Bad Of Dog Harnesses

13th Mar 2014

HARNESSES, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…….    K9C /PA (more…)

Mobile Groomers/Dog Washers – are you SAFE?

13th Mar 2014

Mobile Dog Groomers – are you safe?

Did you know (more…)

Pets Australia Tackles Pet Obesity

17th Dec 2013


Porky Puppies & Corpulent Kittehs – Pets Australia is (more…)

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