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Archive for December, 2013

Pets Australia Tackles Pet Obesity

17th Dec 2013


Porky Puppies & Corpulent Kittehs – Pets Australia is (more…)


17th Dec 2013

The Mandatory Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding (more…)

Dying to Protect Your Pet – The Strength of the Human Animal Bond

16th Dec 2013

Save me, Save My Dog…

In the catastrophic ‘Black Saturday’ (more…)

Raw Pet Food Warning

16th Dec 2013

The US FDA has warned about the risk of Salmonella (more…)

Pet Shaming – A Picture Too Far???

16th Dec 2013

Vets screaming about dogs losing dignity? Are they really taking (more…)

Pancreatitis in Pets – Common & Deadly

16th Dec 2013

Pancreatitis in pets is relatively common and cases are often (more…)

Does Kennelling Damage Dogs?

16th Dec 2013

Can putting dogs in kennels damage dogs psycologically? A recent (more…)

Breed Differences in Dog Aggression – Which Breeds WIN?

16th Dec 2013 2 Comments

Surprising results from a scientific study looking at which breeds (more…)

Cavaliers are Tougher Than Staffies!?

13th Dec 2013


Mast cell tumours are common tumours in dogs and (more…)

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