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Archive for October, 2013

NEW GLOBAL Dog & Cat Nutrition Guidelines…

25th Oct 2013


The Global Pet Nutrition Committee consulting group attached to (more…)

400 Flea Bites Per Day! Information on Fleas…

23rd Oct 2013


“Fleas are truly devoted to their work. In one (more…)

Osteoarthritis – NEW information in Pets

23rd Oct 2013


An osteoarthritis article for veterinarians with one quite surprising (more…)

When ISN’T a Puppy Farm: New Data on Hoarding

23rd Oct 2013


A recent presentation at the American Veterinary Medical Association (more…)

CATS – Health Issues Rising – How to Help

23rd Oct 2013


Cats in Australia are getting sicker, and the reason (more…)

Why Supervising Kids & Pets FAILS

23rd Oct 2013

It’s like ‘socialising’ – everyone needs to do it, but (more…)

How To Get Out Of A Contract

11th Oct 2013

It’s relatively common for a pet business to need to (more…)

The Strange Case of the Not-Quite Paralysed Pet…

11th Oct 2013

A scary lesson for anyone boarding or pet sitting, says (more…)

Pet Bones that Splinter – a Gory Case…

11th Oct 2013

Veterinary cases fascinate most people. Many animals present with symptoms (more…)

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