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Archive for March, 2014

The Root Of The Dangerous Dog Problem

17th Mar 2014

Identifying the root of the dangerous dog problem in (more…)

Flank Alopecia (Hair Loss) in Dogs

17th Mar 2014 1 Comment

Canine flank alopecia (CFA) is a hair loss syndrome in (more…)


17th Mar 2014

New BARF tests have shown it is UNBALANCED in respect (more…)

Pets on PLANES – Safe or NOT?

14th Mar 2014

Do 21 pet deaths in 2013 makes planes safe for (more…)

Fair Work Gives Bad Pay Advice for Grooming, Boarding

14th Mar 2014

Kennelhands & Groomers pay rate confusion has been overcome by (more…)

Pet Lawsuit Warning for Breeders/Retail/Shelters

14th Mar 2014

 A recent legal case regarding DNA testing shows a real (more…)

Biting Dog Kills 4 Year Old Girl – a Warning to All Shelters

13th Mar 2014

Following the recent tragic death of a 4-year-old girl in (more…)

NEW! Greenhounds Greyhounds Special Offer for Members!

13th Mar 2014

A Sustainable Future For NSW Pet Greyhounds

Greenhounds is the (more…)

The Good And The Bad Of Dog Harnesses

13th Mar 2014

HARNESSES, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…….    K9C /PA (more…)

Mobile Groomers/Dog Washers – are you SAFE?

13th Mar 2014

Mobile Dog Groomers – are you safe?

Did you know (more…)

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