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Archive for July, 2016


22nd Jul 2016

We have been approached by Purebred and Hybrid breeders alike (more…)

Is BANNING Greyhound Racing the Right Thing?

12th Jul 2016

The NSW Government’s decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW (more…)

Ransomware Attacks Killing Pet Businesses

5th Jul 2016

Message from our Loyal computer consultants: “In recent weeks we (more…)

Breeders and Pet Shops:Beware Of Unfair Lawsuits!

5th Jul 2016

Breeders need proper disclaimers and legal documents after yet another (more…)

Simple Help for Clients to Buy

5th Jul 2016

Phrasing a question right , also known as framing,  can (more…)

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