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Archive for May, 2013

Sexing Pets – A Buyers Guide.

23rd May 2013

Sexing birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets is a challenge, dogs (more…)

Regulating Cat Owners Will NOT Stop Euthanasia!

23rd May 2013

Unwanted cats are commonly admitted to animal shelters in large (more…)

Donkeys DO Have Friends…

23rd May 2013

Companion recognition in donkeys

Social pair-bonding and long-lasting preferences for (more…)

Hens Have No Friends…

23rd May 2013

Do hens have friends?

Our understanding of the social life (more…)

Should Pet Abuse/Cruelty Reporting Be Mandatory?

23rd May 2013

MEMBER COMMENT REQUIRED!    Should Vets Be Forced to Report Cruelty (more…)


23rd May 2013

Can more than 350 cases be called a major outbreak (more…)

Staff Induction & Communciation

23rd May 2013

Failing to induct staff properly can land you in trouble (more…)

Parental Leave: Q&A

23rd May 2013

New Parental leave issues are causing problems for members. EI (more…)

Overpaying Staff: A BIG Legal Problem

23rd May 2013

Retrieving money from overpayed employees legally is not as easy (more…)

The Power of Music to Drive Pet Businesses

17th May 2013

Music can make pet businesses healthier! Psychology shows conclusively that (more…)

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