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Archive for December, 2012

Make Pet Surrender PAINFUL!

24th Dec 2012 2 Comments

For too long, it’s been too easy to surrender a (more…)

Australia in the Dark Ages on Pets in Apartments

24th Dec 2012

PET-FRIENDLY apartments may be par for the course in Paris (more…)

Pets At Work = Less Stress

24th Dec 2012

 A recent study from the Virginia Commonwealth University found that (more…)

Bored, Stressed & Overweight Pets!

24th Dec 2012

Each year the UK’s veterinary charity People’s Dispensary for Sick (more…)

…In Defence of Veterinarians.

24th Dec 2012

Across the country,  it’s fun to ‘bash’ veterinarians as money (more…)

The 12 Internet Shopping Scams

24th Dec 2012

 A new Internet Shopping Study has found that one in (more…)

WSAVA Releases Worldwide Guidelines for NSAIDS in Cat Pain Control

24th Dec 2012

Pain in cats should be treated, and new guidelines from (more…)

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