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Archive for December, 2013

SEIZURES in Pets – What to Do…

13th Dec 2013

All pet businesses see pets with seizures, so knowing what (more…)

CLIENT EXPERIENCE – More Important Than Client Service!

11th Dec 2013

Want to get an edge on your competition? Then think (more…)

Understand Your Obligations for GUARANTEES, RETURNS, REPLACEMENTS

11th Dec 2013

ACCC is energetically enforcing consumer law in relation to warranties (more…)

Parvo Epidemic Still Going, Tick Cases in NSW High

4th Dec 2013

Virbac,  a proud member of Pets Australia, allows Pets Australia (more…)

Are You Only Backing Up HALF Your Data?

2nd Dec 2013

Up to 95% of pet businesses are not backing up (more…)

Make Heaps More Money in Grooming!

2nd Dec 2013

Make money, and reduce “Disaster Clients” all at once with (more…)

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