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The Wholesale Portal – The 24:7 Pet Industry Expo for Pet Business to DO Business – Guide for Wholesalers

Sick of spending $5,000.00 on trade show stands and only getting a few sales? What about the thousands you lost on accommodation, transport, and all the work that you could have been doing?  In an Australian first, Pets Australia is allowing wholesale business to DO business, 24:7. ALL Pets Australia members can list products for sale, and any pet business can buy.

If you are a small supplier and you don’t have your own shopping cart, use ours! We will take your orders, send you your money and orders, and you send the goodies to the buyer. You get national distribution and FREE advertising! Pets Australia charges a small admin fee for “running your shopping cart” for you.

If you are a bigger supplier and you already have your own shopping cart, you can post products here and link them DIRECTLY to that product on your own cart. You get advertising on another fully searchable website, together with promotion and FREE advertising by Pets Australia through the website, Facebook pages and e-news.

 HERE’S HOW IT WORKS – how to get sales, and the legal stuff….

 1. You are subject to Australian consumer laws

– You are required under law to provide products that are accurately described, fit for purpose, as safe as possible under expected uses – or you may be subject to prosecution under consumer laws.

– You are required under law to provide those warranties and guarantees needed for your products and handle returns appropriately. For more information see the ACCC website – CLICK HERE.

 2. Getting the best orders and minimising refunds

2.1 Two Prices, Two opportunities…

There’s a price that the public can see, and then there’s a special price that only Pets Australia members can see when they login -by definition these people have ABN’s. If you don’t want your prices to be seen publicly, just fill in the “Pets Australia members price” section and leave the “Price” section blank. You can (and should!) give your fellow Pets Australia members a special deal where possible.

2.2 Describe your product accurately

 a) If you include photos, describe the size in mm/cm and photograph the product with something else in the photo that allows the buyer to get a clear indication of the actual size of the product (eg coin, standard envelope etc)

    b) Provide an accurate and detailed description of the product including size, shape, materials, whether all the ingredients/materials are sourced in Australia – as much info as you can!
    c) Include useful &/or legal information eg if you are advertising a product that makes medicinal claims, include your APVMA registration number so the buyer knows that the product works and is as safe as can be. If it’s pet food &/or treats, include an ingredients list &/or analysis

 2.3 Specify Your Delivery Time  

a) It is better to promise a longer delivery time and then delight your clients by having the product    arrive early, than to frustrate them by having the product arrive late.

b) Allow for enough delivery time to “guarantee” that the product will arrive in that period. Sellers order to a schedule, so late items might miss a catalogue, or a sale – which is why your product MUST arrive on time.

2.4 Specify Your Minimum Order Size

For some product that might be a minimum order of 1 to allow sellers to try your product, for other products the shipping cost might be so significant that you have to sell in batches.  Be specific in your description so your buyers know what to expect. 

2.5 Calculate your Shipping Cost

Your list price MUST include your shipping costs – we suggest that you work it out on an averaged national basis. While this means that some of the closer customers pay a little more, we are a nation and we try to treat all pet businesses similarly to encourage rural and regional businesses to participate. If you are switching clients to an external site for purchase, then you can do whatever you want with shipping.

 2.6 Transfer time

 Note that where Pets Australia is managing orders for you, transfer of funds and orders can take up to 1 week. You need to include this time into your delivery time.

 2.7 Packaging & Transit

 Returns are expensive! Provide appropriate packaging for your products to ensure that they arrive at their destination safe from transport damage. Use only couriers that you trust and report to them any damaged goods. For valuable or large orders, consider insurance.

 3.0 You Are Subject to Australian Tax Laws

Australian taxation law includes GST of 10% almost all goods and services. If you are selling in Australia you need to include GST in your pricing. NOTE YOU SHOULD SPECIFY IN YOUR ADVERTISEMENT WHETHER OR NOT THE PRODUCT INCLUDES GST. Note that your wholesale buyers will then claim the GST back, so remember to remit the GST to the Australian Taxation Office. If you are not registered for GST,  then you must manage withholding tax and specify that that GST will be payable by the buyer.

 4.0 You have responsibility for your products

Pets Australia takes all care but no responsibility in the listing of your products on the Pet Industry Wholesale portal. You will receive an automated email with your edit codes and you should check your listings carefully. If you have a problem with your listing, please contact the office at petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org

WE’RE HAPPY TO HELP! Just call the office on 02 8214 8653 (BH) or email petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org .


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