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Your Privacy and Pets Australia

This policy applies to all sections of Pets Australia and applies to all personal information we hold, including all personal information we hold about you.

Pets Australia is bound by  the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act (1988) (CWth) The Principles are designed to protect the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals by requiring particular management of personal information

The purpose of this policy is to tell you what kind of information we collect about you of that you provide to us; how we may use that information; whether we disclose it to anyone and the choices you have regarding the use of this information, as well as your ability to correct this information.

Collection and Use of information

Information is collected from you primarily to make it more rewarding for you to use our services. Depending on the service you are using, you may be asked to provide information such as your name, email address and what your preferences are. It is entirely your decision as to whether to provide this information or not, but be aware that some services may not be available without at least some information being provided.

We collect two types of information:

  1. Anonymous information: This includes things like how many people are on our website, or survey information. This information is used in aggregate where possible and remains anonymous.We may share anonymous information with our partners or product distributors or for research or to develop new products or services.
  2. Personal information. This is information that you give to us knowingly and voluntarily, for example on your membership form. This may also include when you sign up for seminars or other education courses, or for shows or group activities or to purchase things from us. This information may include your name, address, mailing address, credit card details, internet address etc, so that we can provide services to you personally. This information may also be used to let you know about additional products and services that you might be interested in. You can choose not to receive this additional information when you register to use our products and services. We may also ask you for personal information in relation to surveys and it is your choice as to whether or not to respond.

We will use your personal information that you have chosen to provide us only for the purposes for which you have provided it and only to the extent to which you choose to provide it.

We will not use you personal information for other purposes without your consen

Personal information available over the internet which you have not given us permission to use publicly are only available after supplying a username and password.

You must login before you can check your status or change your details. Once you have logged in your details will remain open until you have quit the browser.

Why we collect personal information

We collect you information to provide you with services. We may also collect this information to assist you to market your business, for billing and communication purposes, and to assist third party service providers to provide you with member services.

Email Addresses

We will store your email address if you send us a query, place an order or subscribe to an email list. You email address is used for the purpose for which you provide it, and for statistical information. It is not disclosed for other purposes


In the course of our electronic communications between us, we may use cookies. A “cookie” is a small piece of software placed on a users machine that makes our site easier to use. Information stored by a cookie includes aggregate data and we will not use any individual details. Credit card information is never stored on a Cookie.

Credit Cards.

Unencrypted Credit card information is not stored on the servers that support our internet/web activity

Third Parties

Pets Australia will not sell personal information to third parties without your consent. Anonymous information may be sold. Our business arrangements with third party service providers may result in your personal information being provided to them only on the demonstrated understanding that their businesses will hold your personal information using the same levels of privacy that are used by Pets Australia.


We will never knowingly send you electronic messages without your consent.


Pets Australia maintains a firewall which may include hardware/firmware/software components designed to filter specified exchanges of information and restrict access to unauthorised systems and users.

Disclosure of personal information

There may be occasions where it will be necessary for Pets Australia to disclose your personal information to third parties. This may be where it is required by law to disclose your personal information, or where we need to disclose your personal information to third party service providers to fulfil your stated needs of provide services you have asked for. However, we will disclose this information only for the purposes which are required and only to the minimum level required to fulfil the purpose.

Note that Pets Australia reserves the right to provide information about you to credit agencies

Interacting with Pets Australia online

When you interact with Pets Australia online activities, you should be aware that this may result in you volunteering your personal information into the public domain.

When you post personal information in publicly accessible places, including but not limited to blogs, chat rooms and message boards, this information becomes available to anyone with access to the internet. This information can be collected and used by others and as a result you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. This includes in “members only” online blogs, chat rooms and message boards, since messages in these places may be “lifted” by persons and put into non members public domains without yours, or our, knowledge.  We recommend that you do not post information that you do not want in the public domain into these public forums.

Access and Correction: Personal data

Where Pets Australia holds personal information about you it will where reasonably possible provide you with access to that information. Pets Australia will take all reasonable steps to hold correct information about you and to correct any information about you that may be in error, once you provide us with correcting information.

Links to other websites

We provide links to other websites and third party companies through our communications, including the web. These linked sites and companies are not under our control and we cannot accept responsibility for the conduct of companies or websites that we do not own. Before disclosing your information to on any other website or to any other company, we advise you to examine the terms and conditions of that website or company and their privacy statements.

Feedback and complaints

We welcome feedback and will respond to complaints promptly. Please fax, email or write to us with your feedback or concerns to the address details provided in the “contact us” section of the website.


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