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Zoonoses – Important Information for Staff and Employers

As part of Codes of Practice in a number of states, and as part of your general OHS obligation to provide a safe workplace, it is important that you and your staff know the common zoonoses that may affect them in the workplace, and ensure that routine control measures for these zoonoses are in place in your business.

Pets Australia members can use this handy checklist to

  • give to their employees as part of their employee induction process
  • use as part of their defensive strategy in relation to OHS inspections or in workplace investigations
  • remind their employees of their responsibilty to maintain good OHS
  • use as a general reminder of hygiene in the workplace
  • use as a reminder for doctors who are investigating the possibility of zoonotic disease in a staff member
  • use as part of a study program for employees moving upward to supervisor positions
  • use as part of a study program for employees undetaking Grooming Technician courses.

Tell us about your experiences with Zoonoses! Have you had a case of Cat Scratch Fever, and would you recognise Psittacosis in one of your employees? Just email petsaustralia@petsaustralia, or join the members online forum and share your stories!

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