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Senate Pet Food Report Not “Scathing”, actually Not Useful?

24th Nov 2018

In spite of hysterical claims from other groups, the Australian Senate Committee on Pet the Food industry is so mild as to be only barely useful. Business planning will be affected as proposed regulation has given way to a series of Recommendations designed to use current consumer law to manage complaints, and implement a “watch and act” regime – surrounded by lots of “important sounding” words.

The recommendations HAVE NOT yet been adopted by the government, so in the end, nothing may happen at all!

In Summary, the Recommendations are:

  1. Post the “Standard for the Manufacture and Marketing of Pet Food” on a government website.
    • A. Form a Working Group to consider making FSANZ (Australian Food Standards group) include Pet Food
    • B. Draft a pet food safety policy framework for consideration by a Ministerial group
  2. The proposed Working Group review the Australian Standard in (1) above
  3. ACCC should make the Standard in (1) above mandatory
  4. AVA should improve its reporting system under PetFAST, with ACCC.
  5. ACCC should have a section on its website to help consumers report pet food problems
  6. States and territories should have consumer education programs and have an investigation system.

In essence, the report largely maintains the “status quo” but has better reporting mechanisms. Much will depend on WHO is appointed to the Working Group.


a) If you are manufacturing pet food and treats, aim to maintain the highest standards of quality and complaints investigation. Pets Australia can help with the latter.

b) LEARN about how pet food is regulated and your consumer rights. If it doesn’t say “COMPLETE FEED” or “MEETS AAFCO STANDARDS” don’t feed it to your pet. If you have a problem with a pet
food or treat, REPORT IT.

c) EDUCATE your clients. Use the client handout we have prepared for you. HERE

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