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More Puppy Scams Catching Clients – Warning to Breeders

18th Aug 2018

A fake website, OzFreeAds, is scamming your clients and you can help them avoid the scam.

Copyright : Aleksey Shirmanov

Pretending to offer a wide variety of goods, but actually “pushing” cute puppies, the office has been contacted by a number of people in trouble. A quick search of the site shows mis-spelled breed names, and going into an ad and clicking “see all this advertiser’s ads” brings up a wide variety of puppies all from the one advertiser.

One member sent through her discussion with the scammer – which really “gives the game away”


WARNING TO BREEDER MEMBERS – your legitimate photos are being used by these scammers to sell fake puppies and some scammers are even associating them with your business names. This brings your business name into disrepute and can put you out of business altogether. Learn how to use Tineye or other software to stop your photos being used without your knowledge. For more information on Tineye, contact the office

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