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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Profitability Using Your Pets Australia Membership


 1. Use Your Pets Australia Logo

Clients like to see that the business that they choose belongs to something bigger. Use the logo on your website, use the logo on your wall and mention it in your advertising. The advantage of Pets Australia over other groups is that your clients can look at the Pets Australia website and see the focus on education. They can “get something for themselves” and even join in their own right. It’s not just a blank, inward looking “typical” industry group page. You clients can “get on board” with your beliefs in a positive way. Value adding for your clients improved your business.  

2. Use Your Pets Australia Code of Practice!

Unlike other groups, the Pets Australia Code of Practice occupies just one page, but includes all the ethical, belief and Code statements of other groups longer versions. The Pets Australia Code of Practice presents well in your business entry area and clearly identified you as a business striving for excellence.

3. Develop Your Loyalty Club Based On Your Pets Australia Membership.

Loyalty clubs work in keeping your clients close, but they “cost” heaps of additional work in maintaining databases, developing mailings, and developing content. Pets Australia can help you develop your loyalty club based on your Pets Australia membership, with Pets Australia providing database management, content for newsletters and access to education and courses for your clients, including “private” seminars.

4. Get free advertising by offering member services on the Pets Australia website.

Offering a “trial” gets clients interested, and you can advertise this locally as well. Even if clients don’t join Pets Australia, advertising something new and credible drives client recall and encourages trial.

5.Drive advertising or sponsorship of Pets Australia courses and activities

People sponsor things or pay for advertising because these activities bring clients into your business. Sponsorships are available for client service and grooming technician courses, and you can also have paid advertisements on the Pets Australia website.

Want additional logos, Codes of Practice or information on advertising or sponsorship? Just email petsaustralia@petsaustralia.org, or phone 02 8214 8653 during business hours.

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